Forged deep in the bowels of a manufacturing plant in Korea, Regdar dreamed of a life or rawking faces.

One day he saw an opportunity and fled to the United States where he encountered Fighter #1. The two teamed up and formed a mighty nerd rawk band the likes of which had never been seen before.

By combining state-of-the-art improvised computational music and the klugiest of hacked-toegether software and instruments, Regdar hopes to stop the alien invasion... before it even starts!

Fighter #1

A barbarian from the north, this strange, mo-mulleted man made his way to civilization from darkest Canada.

Here, he encountered Regdar in a cardboard box marked simply, "WARNING: Read instruction manual for information about photsensitive seizures and other important safety and health information." Regdar realized that this fighter would be useful for advancing is secretive schemes. The fighter (erroneously) assumed that Regdar would pay for beer. So they joined forces!

(Thanks to Daniel Babcock for the photo.)